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Kunio Yoshimoto Shihan Seminar 2015

Yet again we had very insightful training with the masters. We thank Kunio Yoshimoto Shihan for making such a generous effort to come train and guide us for the last 6 years, all the way from Japan.

This year, he brought along

1) Yoshiyuki Sakanaka (6th Dan) - 3rd visit

2) Takashi Yamamoto (6th Dan) - 1st visit

3) Takehiko Minami (2nd Dan) - 2nd visit

I must say, the event was succesful, not only the programs were smooth, everyone who attended had benefited greatly from the art. Apart from empty hands techniques, Aikido is further explained using Ken and Jo.

On the 2nd day we had Mudansha and Yudansha grading. Congratulations to all! Apart from the training, we also had a good fellowship during farewell dinner at Hainan Town restaurant at the Penang Jetty. Lots of laughter indeed.

We hope friends from other dojos could join us next year too.

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