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The Hill we climb

Aikido is a journey, a study. It is not a 6 months course that you can buy. It takes time to learn the techniques and earn the ranks. However, as we continue to train it, we will soon realize what Aikido really means in our daily lives. On or Off the mats.

Aikido is the way of harmony. It is not a martial art to destroy your enemy, rather, to end conflicts, if possible, before it even starts. 

Aikido Shoshinkai Penang is geared towards this objective. We welcome everyone and anyone even from different Aikido schools to come train with us. It is the friendship that we cherish most while we share experiences. 

Our back bone of our trainings are of that from the late Shōji Nishio Shihan through his long time student Kunio Yoshimoto Shihan. An experience of which is only available in Penang within Malaysia.

It is quite a struggle to bring the art in Malaysia having the main stream Aikikai Aikido organization being so big. However, our small little dojo is getting more and more attention of late. We train hard with empty hand techniques, bokken (wooden sword) and Jo (short staff). 

Many of these movements have not been seen or understood by many Aikido practitioners in Malaysia. We hope to share this modern Aikido that we are preserving as far and as wide as we can fostering good relationships with one another.

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