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Special Group Training

Yet another awesome training with Tee Cheng Sum sensei from Seishinkai Aikido (

Tee sensei showed us the art of harmonizing the attackers strength and weaken the force of overhand strikes (shomenuchi) and straight punches (tsuki).

With it, we continued kake (the finishing of a technique) with an application that is very strong and yet versatile making the assailant (Uke) vulnerable and easily toppled to the ground. Very fast approach leaving the Uke dumbfounded.

Also, in that evening, we were introduced 2 more Aikido applications that is very useful for street self defences especially for law enforcement officers. We were all "pinned" to the ground helplessly.

Overall, we had a great time together learning this new experience and on behalf of Unity Aikido Penang, we thank Tee sensei for his sharing.

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